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Karen Rose - Stretch


Your ability to move as an athlete is impacted by :

  •   past injuries

  •   stress

  •   performance anxiety

  •   chronic compensation patterns

  •  inflammation

  •  emotional trauma

  •  range of motion

  •  stability

To optimize your performance you need to minimize/eliminate the impact of these variables. Failure to do so can create compensatory movement patterns limiting your performance.  


At AlignedFunction our goal is to first help you create space in your body allowing you the freedom to move.  Second,  to create awareness so you know how you are moving and how to move efficiently.   Finally we work at creating lasting behavioural changes to optimize your performance.  

Through structured and intentional training sessions Aligned Function actively takes athletes on a journey exploring and improving :                                                        

  • stability

  • mindfulness

  • mobility

  • awareness

  • strength

  • control

Aligned Function - Stretch

You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards and when you reach your limits, that is the real joy.

Arthur Ashe

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