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Karen Rose  -Aligned Function



Karen Rose is a performance coach based out of Toronto Canada. A leader and visionary in the performance domain she has a special interest in addressing the subtle areas of dysfunction of the body ,  demonstrating how small seemingly insignificant changes lead to substantial improvements in performance.


As a coach, Karen utilizes her background in  high level sports, her education in physiotherapy, performance breathing, the fascial system and mental performance to support her clients in reaching the next level.


Karen is passionate about personal growth and leading by example. With a vision to facilitate athletes in being the best version of themselves she empowers them to unleash their full potential whether on the pitch or in life.. Karen’s big picture is to create a global community of coaches, trainers and athletes who are willing to go deeper in building alignment of athletes through breath, body and mind.


Karen has a minimal dose for maximal results mentality always asking the question… What is the one thing that can be done that will make all other things easier? When it comes to being your best athlete the one thing is really 3 things….alignment of breath, body and mind.


My name is Karen Rose.
I’ve been bullied.
I’ve “almost gotten there” on too many occasions to count.
I’ve had businesses fail.
I’ve sat on the bench during big games.
I’ve won National championships.
I’ve been a Canadian all star.

Throughout my life I’ve continued to strive to find a path that was not always clear. As a life long learner with a growth mindset I am always looking for different perspectives, opportunities to learn and the subtle areas in which to improve.


Little did I know my own struggles and successes would  support me when working with athletes who didn’t know their greatness, who took longer than expected to recover from injuries and athletes who continually got overlooked no matter how hard they work or how much they improve. These experiences also supported me when working with athletes who accelerated through provincial and national programs and who won gold on the international level.

Being completely transparent, I’ve lived most of my life out of alignment, feeling like I was never going to be good enough. Confident on the outside, yet fearful and insecure on the inside. I struggled to find balance between my physical and mental being while completely ignoring the importance of breath in optimal performance. No matter what level of success I achieved I was consistently envious of those around me that seemed to have it all.


In the years that it took to recover from back-to-back concussions I learned how to align myself. I built myself back from not being able to walk around the block, from dysfunctional breathing that kept me in a state of constant stress and a mindset that kept me playing small. I’ve come to a place where I understand both scientifically and personally the importance of applying the basic fundamental building blocks to the person allowing them to perform optimally.

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